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    Question Fin to blast with a freestyle board

    Hi everyone!

    After getting bored with my slalom equipment (and smashed by my friends on the course) I decided to try freestyle moves on the light winds days (on windier days I have a 94L FSW and a 80L wave boards). My level on freestlye is nearly zero: Trying duck gybes, 360's, etc, none of them well executed.

    I bought a second hand 2014 JP Freestlye 106L. It come with a non-vanilla fin: Skate 20cm (I suspect that is the fin of a 2015 Fanatic Skate 101L). I will use the board on light-wind days (14-18 knts) with a Severne Blade 5.7. My goal is get fun blasting around and start to try some very basic freestyle moves: ducking the sail, switch stance, 360's, vulcans... you get the picture.

    I haven't tried the combo yet, buy I suspect that the fin provided is too short for my level.

    What size and kind of fin did you recommend? FSW fin? how long?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I can't give much advice, but I'll be watching the thread with interest!

    I used a new FS board on holiday last summer - the last one I used was 10 years older. The old ones used to come with fins that were good for blasting, but they were difficult to slide. The new one was incredibly easy to slide (JP 92 with 18cm fin), but it all happened in a really fun and controllable way. I can't do modern freestyle at all but I loved sailing that board - it just made me laugh out loud! I think sticking a big fin in for blasting would completely ruin it! I would suggest (with my very limited experience!!) testing it with what you have and take it from there.

    I hope to get an FS board this season for use on flat days so will be interested to find out what recommendations you get...

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    I blast about in my FS board with a 20cms fin - but the biggest rig I use is a 5.3.
    With a 5.7 you might prefer a 22cms, but the width matters as much as the length - in terms of the area needed for the sideways loads of a bigger rig.

    The other question to ask is: do you want to retain the board’s freestyle abilities or are you wanting to go fast?
    To go faster you might want a long and narrower slalom style fin, and that gives more lift to ride the board off its tail, driving the board off the back foot.
    Most freestylers aren’t slow either, but they ride off the front foot and their speed comes from a shorter low-drag fin which is also much looser.

    The compromise between slalom and freestyle fins is a freeride fin, maybe 22cms long.
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    I definitely will try the provided fin. About the compromise of freestyle abilities and speed, I would say that I'm afraid of using too mucho pressure on the back foot and not being able to just have fun (speed) on straight line, but also I want to start sliding and making some freestyle moves.

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    On My Skate, same size I use a 26cm. The FSW by K4 I recommend.

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    Try it with the 20 cm fin. The boxy rails of a freestyle boards combined with the stance, and fin design, allows you to get away with much shorter fins than you would think. Otherwise the advice of max 24 makes sense to me.
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    The difference in Area of a 24 compared to a 26, is a point that needs to be addressed on a individual basis, unless the fins are the same.

    would sail size matter ?

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