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    Yes, because bigger sails are used by heavier sailors in the same wind- applying heavier sideways loads to the fin.

    I'm never gonna use a fin longer than 22cms in a freestyle board. At 75 KG’s.
    That’s already way bigger than I prefer.

    But we match fin size with sail area and sailing weight.
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    I use my 18cm fin with a 5.7 as my summer light wind kit. 20cm will be plenty.

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    26cms? On a freestyle board?
    That is not a freestyle board.

    Might however work for the intermediate/ non gyber.
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    Fin area has been mentioned. Few fin manufacturers provide fin area information. Maui Ultra fins freestyle 20cm fin is 170cm2, their slalom 26cm fin is 166cm2.

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    I notice that the OP has a FSW 94 as well, surely that's the board to use for a bit of blasting with a longer fin??

    As with all boards, the FS will be happiest and most fun setup to do the things it was designed for. I had the choice of FS, FSW and Freeride when on holiday and the FS was clearly the most fun for me for B&J - the extra manoeuvrability of the small fin was absolutely key to its fun factor. IMO, when conditions are a bit lame, you want your board to give you a bit of an x-factor. The predictability and ease of a Freeride and fsw is just dull in comparison*

    *Just my opinion - other preferences are available!

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    Spot on Billyboy. I drop the Slalom because the lack of X-Factor (at lest in 13-16 knts). The 94L FSW is fun at least for my, blasting around from 18knts onwards. I was looking for something more fun that just going fast (and make laydown gybes) when the wind is light. I become jealous of my friends trying vulcans, 360's, heli-tacks, and so on. Those moves are very hard to do on slalom equipment and when is 18knts, I felt 94L FSW volume and shape (80kg myself) it's enough for learning those tricks.
    The area of the fin certainly is very important. I will provide feedback this weekend. Some friends have typical 'banana' shaped FSW fins to try.

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