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    UK windsurfing weather from March 21st and looking ahead to Easter weekend.

    After another cold period of weather, the wind is back as a warmer westerly flow and that puts windsurfing back on the agenda for many of us.
    So we should have a running weather thread covering the rest of this week, and for talking about Easter plans.

    The coming weekend is also a favourite for many, because the clocks go forward late on Saturday night.
    The snow has (mostly) gone and the daytime temperature should be into double figures for a while – although it may be getting colder again over Easter weekend.

    We had some WSW wind today in Hove although not quite enough for me – but tomorrow should see more afternoon wind, and a little bit stronger.
    My phone went all day today as a NW morning wind backed to WSW and picked up in sunshine to build with the tide and reach near 20mph by early afternoon. It was also sunny, and one caller claimed this wind was a 'seabreeze'.
    Seabreeze in March? (Coughs loudly).

    Well, I guess the wind here followed the summer seabreeze pattern that many believe in, and belief does funny things to people, making them see what they choose to see, often to the exclusion of other explanations.
    The Met Office forecast was spot on for this afternoon and what science tells us happened today is that the high pressure has moved south and west, and new frontal wind tracks around its northern flank with bands of rain, backing a NW wind to WSW from time to time.

    The key thing for me is we should see WSW wind again tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon for the falling tide, and it should easily top 20mph at times. It'll be cloudy inn the morning but we should miss the rain here in the southeast, and the sun should appear for late afternoon, helping our temperatures.
    The west and Southwest and Irish Sea coast should see even stronger wind on Thursday, but you also get the rain there – and maybe a lot of it.
    Once there rain clears your area, the wind will drop.

    From Friday, the high pressure drops away south allowing further low pressure in from the west. But the wind will be stop/start as further fronts try and track across. Unfortunately, a new low is formed in the Southwest but this drops south too and effectively mucks up any chance of wind for the weekend.

    However, the current forecast is for further wind in the week running up to Easter.
    Watch this space for further news or add weather news of your own.

    PS. It's just about light enough for afterwork sailing now – and certainly will be once the clocks for forward this weekend.
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    Equinox, cold sea, Seabreeze a real possibility, though only light at this time of year. Didn't feel like one yesterday.

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    So the annual seabreeze debate starts early this year.
    I'm not a huge fan of seabreeze theories but would rather look at the weather pattern we have, and then I take a look at the forecasts we have available.

    For sure, we may have thermal add-on elements to our daily wind, but what we really want to know is: will it be windy or not? By comparing forecasts you can usually make a call.

    Today's wind may follow the seabreeze pattern that many look for, but I wouldn't describe it as a seabreeze at all. We have a cloudy morning but we already have the start of an incoming gradient wind. It's W or sometimes WNW here in Hove and that will back more WSW this afternoon as the high to the south shifts. If you look to the west of the isle of Wight, the wind is already WSW.
    I see that Worthing has a westerly flow, which already switches from WNW to WSW at times – and that's because a true W wind doesn't 'like' to travel parallel to a south-facing coastline, but would rather cross the coastline. (Explanation: differences in surface friction)

    Here in Hove the W wind is cross-on, we have plenty of white horses already, and the thinning clouds are shifting fast overhead.
    Forecasts do vary for today, but the Met Office one was accurate for yesterday, and that gives 19-26mph for this afternoon on my beach in Hove.
    (The new BBC forecasts are no longer based on Met Office data and are not accurate for wind strength.)
    It's not gonna honk and the sea is pretty flat so far, but that helps a launch today from about 2pm, once the high tide has peaked.
    Tide times might suggest a Worthing launch for many around here, but the lack of shore break should mean that most beaches are accessible after 3pm.

    It's still not warm here, but I'm not expecting a rinsing wave session anyway. It's probably more of a dry hair blasting sort of day.

    There is a better swell forecast for tomorrow, Friday, but the morning wind disappears fast.

    A small branch of the Jet Stream goes overhead tonight but that soon disappears tomorrow. The main branch of the Jet Stream then heads south for the weekend before returning overhead on Monday and for Tuesday.
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    looks like the forecast for 3pm wind is a good one.
    Worthing sailing club is logging 20-22knots, WSW
    Now back in the UK.

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    Here at Shoreham its a solid 5.3 for Porkier sailor

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    Shame it didn't last long.
    It was 4.7 weather for a while but then the wind dropped a lot by 5pm at Hove.
    Now back in the UK.

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    "So the annual seabreeze debate starts early this year."

    No debate, no one disagrees! I'll let you know when i do if you like? ...

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