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    "(The new BBC forecasts are no longer based on Met Office data and are not accurate for wind strength.)"

    Is that what you've found for your bit of coast?

    Last year the BBC forecasts were by far the more accurate for here, so that I ended up just using them most of the time. Since things changed I've been looking at met, & BBC, & BBC have still been better. The met office have been over predicting wind strength quite consistently in the last month or so.

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    That’s the important thing. When forecasting stuff changes, work out what is accurate for your area.

    The new BBC forecast tells me it’s ‘breezy’ here, every day.
    That’s unhelpful for me, plus their wind detail is wrong.
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    Bit of swell up the channel at the weekend - biggest
    (my busiest day obviously!). Could be worth a SUP or surf at the best spots.

    Then some wind next week for weds and thurs. Might be enough daylight for me to squeeze in an hour after work - not sure its worth all the hassle and childcare expense for an hour though!

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    I noticed that too, with only a small swell for Hove but with a long wave period.

    But I would add that the swell direction is westerly and so may not show itself. Plus our tide times aren’t great for the low tide beaches.

    The wind did did what it was forecast to do for today. I got up early but the useful wind dropped at 8am as the rain cleared. Sigh.
    Next wind is on Tuesday and next week looks pretty unsettled, with periods of wind and rain.
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    I hope that Tuesday next week will give me a chance, for only the third outing this year.
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    Clean shoulder high waves at the Witterings earlier.

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    The forecast for this week did a bit of a meltdown on sites like Windguru. That said, the weather pattern this week was always expected to be complex. A lot of weather fronts are tracking through, in some cases forming small lows themselves.

    Today is a case in point and we had a brief period of SE at dawn this morning, then the rain came and the wind soon dropped as that cleared, and now we have fog and a force 3 WSW.
    Windguru still say we get a sailable WSW wind this afternoon, but my trustworthy Met Office forecast says it'll be more westerly or even WNW, and lighter.

    Tomorrow then looks rubbish with a big lump of rain turning the wind cyclonic in the Southeast. As it happens, I'll be driving away from that rain as I'm heading west to Devon for a few days – and tomorrow looks clearer there.

    But I can see there's not much point in packing windsurf kit. Windguru has plenty of stars on coming days, but the direction is often unhelpful and the useable wind peaks are brief.

    Let's hope for further forecast change but, for the weekend, a port tack session in an easterly on Easter Monday seems like my best bet, at this stage.

    What are your Easter Plans?
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