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    This afternoon might be worth a go if BBC westerly forecast does prove correct. On the windguru live stats it does currently seem closer to the BBC forecast (clutching at straws especially given poor Easter weekend forecast).

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    I'm thinking of giving this afternoon a go. 17mph WSW on Weathercam's site, only need a couple more mph for freestyle weather.

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    19mph now, but still not quite enough for me.

    But it's OK for big kit sailing and for bigger kites.

    It's also reasonably warm again, especially in sunnier periods.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Whats the word on the street about K-bay tomrrow?
    Looks to be some swell around, was going to take surfboard and windsurf kit with the hope that one would work, but starting to look like not enough wind for sailing but enough to ruin the surf.....

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