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    In too deep, perhaps.

    I guess we all find a mast match that works for us, over time.

    Compatible masts are a good thing.
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    Orientation of the carbon the type , the type epoxy are several variables

    and yes yes its possible to achieve a constant curve when one end is softer or stiffer to such a degree it falls into the numeric value of a CC

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    Has anyone rigged a recent goya sail on a hard top 100% ga mast, any thoughts?

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    Has anyone rigged a recent goya sail on a hard top 100% ga mast, any thoughts?
    Dear Pasq,
    Have you studied the "Overview of the mast comparison" at the start of this thread?
    There is your answer.
    But then again, are you a pro? No,...... relax you won't notice anything ......

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    Quote Originally Posted by pasq View Post
    Has anyone rigged a recent goya sail on a hard top 100% ga mast, any thoughts?
    I am pretty sure it will be GARBAGE. If you rig it on a constant curve it will probably be tune able. The Goya curve is on the flex top side so most likely when using a hard top mast, the top of the sail will not open properly & the draft distribution will be all wrong. I have tried this on my Hot sails which have a similar bend curve. In my experience it is better to go the other way & rig a Hard top sail with a flex top mast - at least you can compensate some with less down haul & more out haul. The sail will not have the designed wind range but at least it won't feel top heavy & unstable which is what my experience has been when going hard top. IMO, even a Novice can feel the difference in the extreme ends of the spectrum.

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    I rigged 'normal' 7mish sails on a hard top mast and they had poor wind range. I rigged a 4.2m Gaastra on a Tushy flex top and it was perfect.
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