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    OT, Surfing, WSL 2018, Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro

    For people interested in watersports, the WSL (pro surfing) tour is fun to watch, whether you surf or not. The live coverage is second to none, nowadays including on-water reports and drone footage.

    This year's tour kicked off two weeks ago with a quicksilver pro event in Queensland which unfortunately produced poor waves – until some of the best surfers had already been ejected – but this next annual event, at Bell's Beach in Victoria, Australia, has a better forecast going forward.

    It's perhaps not great for watching live – given the Australian time difference – but this IS some surf action to catch up with over Easter on their heat replays.

    The event has just started after a couple of lay days, and men's round one, heat one is under way – which is why I'm posting this.

    Watch it here:

    You could do worse things than watch this if you are stuck home on a rainy day.
    This first heat features this year's hottest newbie, the californian teenager Griffin Colapinto, versus Brazilian world champ wannabe, Filipe Toledo. Also in this heat, we can't write off another rookie, the South African, Michael February.
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    That first heat was already entertaining – not because the favourite didn't win, but because all three surfers are great to watch .

    The waves however aren't yet dramatic. The swell is due to build over the day so if you are dining in early in the Uk on Friday morning, then it should have got better for the afternoon heats, streamed live from Australia.
    And there's no ball tampering.
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    It's kinda weird to watch the live surfing when conditions disappoint – and it's even worse when your favourite surfers get eliminated, two days running.

    Normally the WSL live feed is entertaining but recently it has been really annoying.

    Anyway. It's live again now but JJF just got knocked out.
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    Men's semi finals are just going live now:
    Now back in the UK.

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