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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    ....If fully powered then your foot change should happen after the rig flip......
    Not according to this and this
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    Haha, point taken, but there are some terrible gybes there. Really crap.
    However, some are step gybes and some are not. Quite a few lose speed in the turn.

    In fairness, they are racing and in really rough seas, so 'just getting round' is a priority, and not one of them speeds correctly through a fast gybe.

    I guess there's overpowered and then there's REALLY overpowered. These guys are also over boarded and are having to stand on the tail just to hold it down.

    There's not much in either clip that teaches us about good gybing.
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    It can be a bit misleading studying slalom gybing techniques.....unless of course slalom is what you are mostly doing. These guys are usually sailing massively overpowered with big 4 cam sails and boards that are prioritised mainly for speed. Their only option for depowering the rig is to oversheet or lay it down and they have to be square on the new windward rail before the rig is flipped in order to counter the huge uptake of power once the rig is sheeted in............and those sails really only work fully sheeted in! They also have to gybe at the gybe marker usually ploughing through the wake of other boards and in the disturbed air of several boards around them.
    Most of us have rather more options available!

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    Thanks guys.
    Not sure what i need do but will keep trying.
    tried committing more & bending my legs more yesterday which was good... but I wasn't overpowered.
    I might just have to resign myself to being an ugly gyber
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    This is everything i try and do. As Colin says - diferent kit and conditions will mean you do things faster / slower / more agression etc. As soon as i have changed my feet i look for balance / keep the carve going and then flip asap. I only hang on if it is going to stop me falling in.

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