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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    How silly of me to lament the magazines we have lost. How stupid of me to stick up for those who lost their jobs.
    You never did that.
    When all the Boards staff were sacked and replaced you were more or less the only person on this forum that welcomed it, with endless waffle about progress and moving on.

    As Matthew says, another bare faced lie to support whatever flimsy argument you are currently pursuing.

    It is also ignorant to imply that Bouke does not support windsurfing.
    He and Witchcraft are a hub of activity and community on Fuerteventura (where he lives and where WC are based).

    Witchcraft does also sell through shops, just like any other brand.

    And of course contributes more here than most. a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    How silly of me to lament the magazines we have lost.
    How about welcoming new magazines?

    Surely you read these Basher as a supporter of magazines? It is even in your country and there are interesting kit reviews and articles.
    Oh look, someone advertised as well.
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    Witchcraft Windsurfing Fuerteventura

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    Quote Originally Posted by waxham View Post
    Anyone that buys a new board has more money than sense. Make one or buy one from the cats charity trust in Eastbourne. loads of bargain kit.
    I’m not touching their gear until they get a pro team together and start supporting some local events. Only then will I take a pussy of them! ������

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    Well said Rod and Bouke.

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    I removed a post from this thread earlier because it was personal, insulting and added nothing to the discussion.

    If you think someone has posted something that isn’t true, do what others have done very effectively, call them to account and say why it isn’t true. Resorting to insults gets us nowhere.
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    I'll respond to Rod's comment, simply because I recognise that I might 'waffle' but I would not celebrate anyone losing their job.

    I'm also pretty consistent about what I'm saying here. I always support our shops and usually stand up to those many people on here who regularly take a pop at the Cobra factory. In slagging off our production kit – usually unfairly – you are also slagging off the future of our sport.

    My underlying view has been the same for fifteen years: Namely that we need production kit if we are ever hopeful of keeping our sport alive.
    I think part of the way to do this is to maintain a network of shops supplied by brands and where we can go in and buy boards, sails and other windsurf kit, off the shelves. Those shops get to know their customers and offer appropriate advice for the learners.
    We also need to help newcomers get into our sport and the production brands recognise that with boards which are user-friendly for learners/intermediates and sold at a reduced price, plus the brands still try and offer sponsorship for younger sailors (sometimes via those shops).

    The bigger brands and network of shops kept our magazines going with their advertising and it was/is direct selling that began to break that chain.
    The shrinking windsurf market also meant the brands had to diversify into other sports like kiting and SUP. I guess we can't fight capitalism with nostalgia.

    We are of course seeing changes in all retail nowadays, so I accept my way of looking at things may now be out of date.
    But I'm saddened by the outcome which is that our shops are being lost. We have fewer magazines and little in the way of board reviews and other equipment tests. Windsurfing events are now few and far between and our 'pro' sailors rarely get the chance to compete and show their skills. Newcomers wanting to excel at windsurfing will find they are on their own, and are more likely to turn to other sports.

    Each year in Cape Town I watch some of the world's best training in slalom or freestyle or wave sailing – but they now have fewer events to train for and I'd be surprised if any of them outside the top ten can claim a good income from their windsurfing skills.

    On the PWA circuit only the slalom sailors have a multi-date tour. The IWT and EFPT have not provided much of an alternative.
    If we go down the custom production and shed custom supply route then this situation will only get worse unless they put their hands in their pockets.
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    Now back in the UK.

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    PS. It's off-topic, but has anyone seen the WindsurfingUK mag yet in the flesh?

    Surprisingly, it's not in my local windsurf shop or in other surf shops in our area, and it's not in our newsagents.
    Now back in the UK.

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