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    Quote Originally Posted by Wing 11 View Post
    I watched this video so I ask...

    Is glass bubbles better than talc,glass has better water resistance...?

    well, my way of installing would be using a layer of glass or carbon-kevlar around the box for a stronger connection

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    Actually true depending on how you use the glass, as just wrapping the cassette does little. But you can actually use both glass & microspheres.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witchcraft View Post
    I can see readers here would have a problem with that if what I say would be lies or even exaggerations. The thing is that I know and experience a lot more than anyone on here. I spent my life making boards as good as they can be from an engineering point of view. Even if anyone would want to pay double, from an engineering POV it is not possible to make them better, better meaning the durability/weight ratio. I have gathered information from many many knowledgeable sources in various fields, composite, CNC or hydrodynamics engineers.

    I also gather information about what the competition does, watch their board building videos, etc. And I am located in a well known windsurf holiday destination where I experience a lot more as people come to us with their damages so I see how things are build up. And I am in contact with repair guys in other places, the other Canary Islands and also other countries. The main repair shop in Holland, where you have a high population within a relatively short distance from the coast plus many lakes, is a guy who worked for me for a few years and now sells Witchcraft. He also sees what goes on with other brands in his location. Apart from avoiding damages, another aspect is repairability. If you construct a board in a way that damages occur first on the outside, it is much easier to repair than fx the laminate that is under the sandwich. If you combine carbon and Dyneema, carbon is the stiffer material so will take the most force and will break first. So if you put carbon under the Dyneema, you cant get to it without removing the Dyneema if you have a dent. If you use stainless steel footstrap plugs it sounds very strong. But if you have short screws which may be hard to get in straight with new straps. Then try to replace a stainless steel plug with a damaged thread. I know, we did it. It does not happen a lot but it does happen. No way to simply use a bigger screw for the time being either.

    Shape wise there is less black and white, people get used to their boards and judge things from there. Most shape aspects will have a good and bad side. It is hard to find stuff that is an overall improvement but sometimes you do.
    Here we are lucky to have a wide variety of conditions and every now and then we get super clean laboratory like wave riding conditions where you feel every little thing the board does. Off course a board (or sail) also needs to handle choppier conditions but they are much easier to find. I personally get around 120 sessions per year and that used to be a lot more, up to 230 the first few years I was here.
    Do you want to buy a board that uses toe-in or asymmetrical fins because others do it or because they extensively researched it themselves? What would stop me from putting 4 or 5 finboxes if I wanted to? It would certainly sell so why do you think I dont?

    So in fact I could still say a lot more than what I do. Would you want this information or not if you are looking to buy a new board? There are a few people on here who have been to my workshop and I have explained things more elaborative. Some may still decide to buy another brand. That can be if they judge that for them it is good enough and there are many other aspects coming into play as well when deciding what board to buy. That happens and is fine.
    Amazing despite its predictability: somewhat carefully, but surely enough, bad mouthing yet another board maker.

    And I am sorry, maybe we do not care any longer in the age of Trump, but trash talking other people, especially when they compete for the same business, is a form of dishonesty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duzzi View Post
    trash talking other people, especially when they compete for the same business, is a form of dishonesty.
    Sorry, but that's complete doublespeak. We can agree to differ on whether it's a good or a bad thing that Bouke (indirectly) promotes his own way of doing things here through his insights into board construction and engineering. I think it's exceedingly informative and useful - you clearly don't. However to suggest Bouke's (classic Dutch?) say-it-as-it-is approach is somehow dishonest is just ludicrous.

    [TwoFish. Witchcraft 'fanboy'. I have no connection with Witchcraft other than as an arm's length customer. Both my Witchies were purchased at full retail rates, except (as best as I can recall) the UK shop I purchased my first one from gave me a bit of a deal on the FX rate]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wing 11 View Post
    What do you put in epoxy to make filler, glass bubbles, micro ballons,microcell,microlite,aerosil,cabosil or industrial talc powder?
    We sometimes use aerosil or chopped glass if we want to increase strength. To make a sanding filler, we use something else that is secret. It is very light and fine, one box of 70x50x40cm weighs 1,5kg. And on the outside it leaves a smooth structure after sanding unlike glassbubbles.

    To finish small repairs, we usually use car body filler as it is much faster.
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    I like that Bouke stands up for his product and is informative about his approach and philosophy. I wish we could have more of that.

    I do not agree with all of the things he writes, some is a bit speculative about other designers/shapers, but hey, it is an open forum and Bouke for sure is one of the most informed guys in the business. I have always appreciated his input here, even as a non-Witchie customer.
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    Flikka boards have certainly improved their graphics recently.

    (I also like the way they don't use this forum to endlessly self promote or to slag off other brands or to claim their product is better than anyone else's.)

    Photo courtesy of David van Eyk

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