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    I agree with all the above. At your weight a circa 110 - 115 l 65ish wide would be a good size for a large board. However it would be worth a test run at a hire centre just to get your water starting skills back up to scratch with someone keeping an eye on you. I recently hired a fanatic blast 115 and that might be perfect for you.

    agree to stick to power box boards as it’s much easier to pick up fins and much more likely to be useful going forward.

    id stay away from freestyle boards. Although a freestyle wave is typically a very good all round board and a circa 100l one would be a great option as a high wind blaster.

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    I think Phil is bang on with his view, I've bin sailing for about 30 years now (and still love it ) but the perfect kit for me now at my weight 82 kilos is an Atom 100 carbon at 68 wide and will take 7.5m 7 m 6.5 m and 6 .but when it gets down to 6mtr wind I switch to RRD 94 FSwave and will use it with 5 and 4.5 flat water blasting , bump and jump . I bought the Atom about 4 years ago from OTC after trying the board , they were really helpful, still have the Atom now it's easy to sail fast too. So think the new mainstream boards are so easy to sail and have fun on what ever level you are can't go wrong be definitely try tho.

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    Great advice and a lot to think about

    thanks to you all for taking the time to reply

    i will keep you updated on my return to windsurfing, it will be helped along when I actually move to Dorset, currently in Berkshire, 2 hours away

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