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    Monday 2nd April 2018

    Portland at the OTC for a session to remember how to sail with a cambered sail again.

    Rained all the way there, then stopped when I came over the hill to Portland.

    Enough for the 7.1m on the Futura 117 and Select Vmax 39cm fin.

    The Slalom experts were out on 7.8m, I just didn't feel fit enough to rig mine.

    Still a good session with the water lasting till 1pm.

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    Easter weekend with the family down in st ives, Cornwall.
    Forecast looked promising with a forecast southerly 20mph wind and a building sw long period swell.
    Wasnt too sure the swell would get into Gwithian, so headed down to Sennen as I’m a sucker for sailing a new spot!
    Unfortunately neither the wind or waves played ball, even the 101 float boat and 5.6 struggling. Managed to get planing out back but bogging inshore and couldn’t keep speed up to stay in position and catch waves.
    At least the sun came out.

    Forecast is is pretty similar for tomorrow, so taking family off for a surf lesson at Sennen in the afternoon, so might be able to squeeze something in the morning.

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