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    Friday 6th April

    Gwithian from 11, launching as the water cleared the entrance from the goat track on 5.2 S1 and Nuevo 101 again.

    Tough conditions as the wind was still quite light and southerly.
    Waves were cracking though, peeling well and a good 4 to 6 foot on the sets.
    The locals were having a ball, and whilst I mostly avoided getting rinsed, found it tough to catch decent waves.
    Caught the odd bomb just right though and that set up the entire day.
    Sailed for about 3 hours and had a ball, as wind picked up and waves continued to peel in.
    Even bumped into BMG in the car park afterwards. Great fun.

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    i was down at Godrevy. Got out once on my 93 and 5.2 but that was luck more than skill. Caught one back in but wan't convinced I had enough board, sail or skill to gt out again. Watched Steve Thorp, Lucas the UK youth champ and my mate Mark all ripping. Should've waited and tried again as the wind pick up a bit apparently. So nearly perfect but a good end to a good week. I got 2 sessions at Godrevy, one at Marazion and missed a couple more due to surfing with daughter or cycling.
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