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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeroensurf View Post
    I,m not a huge fan of the Naish Sups, but the Nisco is a nice do it all board although the Fanatic inflatbables are pretty good too.
    If you are looking for inflatable performance Starboard and Red are imo the best.
    thanks Jeroen - noted
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    Quote Originally Posted by richarli View Post
    Just an observation.
    There is much less SUP activity here in Lanza on the no wind days than ever seen before.
    Have we passed peak SUP?
    Does it appear to be falling out of favour?
    It might have reached its market saturation point, impossible to tell without real numbers. It seems quite popular here in north Bay locations (and not during the windy season) but who knows if it used to be more popular ...

    My experience was kind of a classic tale of a failed love affair: I bought one and used at least 25 times during the first winter, the second winter I went down to 5-6, the third winter I did not use it and the fourth I sold it ... (hum ... I guess you do not sell love affairs ... wrong metaphore).

    At the end of the story I found it boring and inefficient ... and a nightmare if you were cought in any little wind and chop ...
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