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    Saturday, 7th April 2018

    I haven't posted in a while, mainly due to a bit of time off the water adjusting with life changes. My wife and I moved to Valencia in Spain last summer, as part of the move I sold all my windsurf kit in the UK, not expecting to be able to really use it in Spain. (I had understood our main beach 'banned' windsurfing several years ago, therefore the only option to rig up inside a Marina and hook out through a shipping channel into open sea. Understandably I thought a dinghy might be a better option.)

    As it turns out, you can windsurf off our beach, there was no by-law, but you need to use dedicated 'boat channels' to get out back and into the B&J zone in August, the rest of the year common sense seems to apply. It's mainly a kite spot when the wind is on, but there are couple of die hards out there when windy.

    I only have one board - stored at a local surf shack - we don't own a car here, never mind a van or a garage. I cycle down, or catch the bus if feeling lazy. It's a Fanatic Freewave 116L - with three sails, 5.3, 6.4 and 7.2 - all on one RDM mast and one boom.

    I also have SUP board - Hypernut 9'0 - which is great fun and I have really enjoyed it over the summer swell seasons last summer. I kind of wish I'd got another AllWave with a mast foot insert... there have been times when my 5.3 would have been nicer to use than a paddle.

    Anyway back to the session... only my second due to a minor hand injury this winter. The wind was cross on, seemingly strong enough not to think about paddling. I rigged the 6.4 and set off. I managed to swim it out through the shore break, no chance of sailing through the sets - it was pretty closed out. I wobble about a bit out back and fell in before watching all the kit getting a rinse rolled into the beach.

    None of it broke. Should have probably taken the SUP out instead. Should have probably bought an AllWave SUP rather than the Starboard as a mast foot insert would have been welcome with that 5.2. Should have given myself a pat on the back for not buying a foil board... it would have been hopeless out there on one.

    Anyway, happy windsurfing... and spring is definitely here.
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    Nice. Had a bit of a weird session sat afternoon. Zero wind when I got down at 2pm and started out on the raceboard, fun and pleasant just floating around on a 7.5. Wind increased quite a lot by 3.30pm, to the point that I was struggling to hold the Equipe on the rail and zero outhaul on the sail had it bagging quite badly. Wife and toddler came down so we had a play in the sand and flew a kite etc. Sailed back to car and grabbed a 'short' board- this is a 'new' old Mistral Echo I bought as part of a bundle. Quick burst of tuning as I couldn't get it to go upwind, and a nice sail around followed. Good session!

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