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    This is quite an interesting thread for a change!! I really liked the original Evo 74 that I owned. The biggest problem with it IMO was that it was difficult to get upwind with low power - this is very important for onshore wavesailing IMO, or even b&j in more marginal conditions. Pretty much everything that is fun in windsurfing involves losing ground downwind therefore the easier and faster you can get upwind the more fun you can have! At Hove, where I sail most, I want to be sailing broad out through the waves for jumping and then riding frontside coming in every single tack - that is a lot of ground lost downwind!!

    In sideshore conditions its pretty easy to get upwind quickly regardless of your boards capabilities using the swell/waves but if there is a lot of offshore or onshore in the wind the waves don't help. One of the biggest advances given by multifin boards is that they can have really good/easy upwind performance without compromising the turn too much. My current board (quattro supermini) seems to be able point really high even with very low power - e.g. in on/off planning conditions - it does this with very little feeling of resistance from the fins. I have no idea how it does it, but the good low power upwind performance is going to be killer at hove (if I ever sail again!!). It doesn't seem to plane especially early or feel very fast, but I will swap both of those any day of the week for extra yards upwind - up to a point anyway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    If you are into speed and jumping then, for sure, you want something faster. Not me though.
    I suspect you are in the minority when it comes to general windsurfing!
    Most sailors in general locations still seem to use single fin boards, maybe a free wave for higher winds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorgesailor View Post
    THis is why I always hated the Evo's ...
    Ha ha ha. Marmite!

    I have sent you a PM by way of introduction...

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