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    Tuesday 17 April

    Overcombe in Weymouth from 11-2:30 with Hazza (after he had run away from Gwithian*). Weird up and down wind, but enough 'up' to make for a good sail in starboard tack mush burger waves which were good for a few hacks and loops (only really one clean landing, but right in front of Hazza which made it all the better ). It was even sunny for the first hour or so.
    Started on 5.3 and changed up to 5.8 as the wind dropped a bit. Great to be able to sail until you are knackered without being cold and without it being dusk.

    *There were definitely more hardcore conditions on offer in outer Wales and Cornwall but I was happy for some familiar, easy conditions. a blog about looping

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    Littlestone from 11:30 to 2pm. Freemove 110 and 7.5 then changed down to 6.5. First U.K. session for me this year. Warm and sunny, but now worn out by those massive sails.

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    A howling gale, torrential rain and double the previous day's swell size so I ran away from Cornwall pdq and joined the Blue Helmet at Overcombe en route back to Shingly HQ. 5.2/90L mostly full power though there was an annoying wind hole on the inside - this got better by sailing further upwind. Really fun conditions pretty much just like H'ove shared with a very nice friendly crowd. Flopped round my first UK loops of the year and scored some good rides. Absolutely broken now after 3 solid days of wavesailing - a cracking trip
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