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    Well this is interesting.
    When sailing a wave board I often raise myself up on my toes as part of leaning forwards to weight the rail. But I don't do that to hook in unless I'm slogging and the rig is upright and I need to get into the harness lines to give my arms a break.
    I use swinging lines because they are easier to hook into, and the longer the better up to a point.
    The problem with rigid lines is that they can stick outwards from the boom at a higher point than if they drooped under their own weight. (Most people may not have thought of this)

    I use a low hook on my waist harness and if the wind drops very light then I'm standing next to the mast which is almost upright – and then with a high boom the only way to get in and out of the line is to raise yourself on your toes or to jump.
    However this is the exception – you shouldn't be jumping into your lines often, and if you are, try longer lines.

    On topic, the key thing here is to know where the lines are without looking. The apex of the line has to locate with the hook and there are times when they are at different heights – because boom height varies with mast rake – so for sure sometimes you need to raise yourself up or lower yourself into the line by bending your knees.

    Most people will do all this without thinking, but next time you are on the water take a look at what you actually do.
    The key to good technique here is to avoid stalling the rig as you hook in.
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    If you think that's waffle, then you haven't understood it.

    But thanks for reminding me I missed breakfast this morning.
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