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    UK windsurfing weather from April 23rd.

    We should have a reasonable windy week this week, although the weekend forecast is not good.

    The SW/WSW wind returned to the Southeast yesterday afternoon, Sunday, but here in Hove was held back by the fog of doom that came in as the tide rose – and just as the wind was reaching planing strengths.
    The 'summer' temperatures also plummeted and it was a reminder to all that it's actually still April.
    I've already checked the winter wetsuit is still in my van.

    It's now Monday morning and some beach sites in my area are already logging near 20mph or high teens in knots. Here in Hove we have plenty of white horses and that ties in with the Met Office forecast at this time.
    That same forecast has a further wind increase by lunchtime and then predicts a wind peak for 4-5pm this afternoon. We could be on 4.7s, I reckon.
    It's overcast right now but the forecast is for periods of clearer skies for the afternoon, which will help a bit with the wind strength at this time of year. (Sunshine also makes it feel a lot warmer!).

    After work sailors need to watch out that high water in the Southeast is at about 6pm today.

    Tomorrow looks windy again but the forecast is for an occluded front overhead in the South which could bring drizzle or mist.

    Wednesday and Thursday then should be sunnier and potentially even windier (and tide times are better by then for afternoon sailing)

    I'm hoping to get all four days on the water this week – but we'll see, I guess.

    This is just a forecast for the Southeast, so add your own area forecasts or other weather comments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    We should have a reasonable windy week this week, although the weekend forecast is not good.
    Indeed. Listening to this morning's Farming Today weekly forecast, I found myself believing that we might finally be in with a chance of some weekend westerly winds. But oh no, current forecasts show the standard 2018 weekend pattern expected of wet blanket northerly nastiness and easterly evil.
    Eeeh 'tis grim dahn Sarf.

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    Don't give up on the weekend just yet because the forecast is subject to change.
    The current version has a brisk southerly for Sunday and then further wind on Monday.

    Back to today: It's nearly midday and I can tell you that it's low tide here in Hove, a bit flat, but it's already 5.0 weather.
    It also feels a bit nippy* compared to over the weekend but not too bad.

    I'm gonna wait a bit for building swell and hopefully an even stronger wind.

    *My phone says the air temp is 12 degrees here in Hove.
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    Not sure whether we'll get good conditions today but if you are hoping for a session in the Southeast then it'll be worth taking a look how windy it is after lunch.

    We had wind through the night here in Hove but it has dropped back this morning as per forecast, plus we have the misty/murky conditions expected.
    The waving front that sits over the South of England may brings us drizzly rain at times but it's also that nearing front which should bring a wind increase for the afternoon.

    The wind direction starts WSW but may back onshore to SW or even SSW this afternoon. That's not great for high water sailing but low tide today is at about 1.30pm. There should be wind for evening sailing if you can find a beach that works at high water.

    Check the timing of the better wind for your area – but for mine there should be a sailing window as the tide rises, after 2pm. The Met Office have the better wind arriving after 3pm.

    Tomorrow (Wednesday) still looks better.
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    I see that Chimet has shown a steady wind increase recently, and Worthing has just topped 20mph.

    But it's not sailable here in Hove yet.
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    I'm hopefully in for an afterwork sail tomorrow. Not sure where to head for a 5:30pm launch. That is mid tide at hove, so could be good at launch time but waves might disappear quite quickly as the tide pushes in. Its a great direction with loads of W and a tiny bit of S in it though - so the good bit, although short, might be very good! Otherwise its LA or Worthing for some knee high stunt ramps until dark. Mmmm...

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    I see the windguru/GFS update now has wind for Friday, albeit a rainy southerly.

    Watch out however that this wind comes out of a small low – where the actual track of there low is unpredictable at this stage.
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