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    Muscles for windsurfing

    If you were to identify a particular muscle or muscle group which takes most of the strain (by that I mean mostly worked) when you windsurf what would it be?

    Obviously for different levels & disciplines it would be a little differ slightly so lets say an intermediate to advanced windsurfer sailing mainly bump & jump & smallish waves.

    In my case I think it's the stomach muscles but I could be doing it wrong

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    My hamstrings normally start screaming at me first

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    Arms and shoulders for me – wave and freestyle and freeride.

    If you sail slalom kit then it's the legs.

    If you are still uphauling then it's the back.
    Now back in the UK.

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    the ones in the inner ear when your other half finds out how much a quiver change costs
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    Non in particular for me. Which is surprising. Definitely not stomach neither arms or shoulders.
    Curiously I had to change the car tire some weeks ago and I was fairly stiff the next day in the back of my thighs and buttocks.
    Nothing when Windsurfing though... who knows?

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    Back and shoulders for slalom and speed but then I'm an active sailor, legs take a pounding as well but more as shock absorbers vs doing a lot of load work.

    Mostly I get mentally tired before physically tired.
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    If anything is going to make me call it a day it will be forearms - when I just don't have the strength to hold on out of the harness for jumps or waverides then there's not much point in carrying on! This can happen annoyingly quickly when its nuking and I've not been out for ages .

    Generally I think windsurfing is quite hard on the legs, but I do a lot of leg fitness (football, running) so its normally forearms that go first for me!

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