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    Given the rider's body is the connection between the rig and the board a lot depends on the set up. A rig that is poorly set and pulling you out of shape, and/or gusty conditions with on/off wind channels is going to really work arms and shoulders. Assuming reasonably clean wind conditions and a well set up rig it will be largely core muscles, although the bigger the board and fin, the more it also works the legs. Personally I find a small board and sail in good winds puts the least stress on any specific muscle group, but then stamina becomes key. Without a doubt the most tiring kit I have sailed is slalom board and race sail with legs taking a lot of the punishment but adrenaline and raised heart rate probably being the main tiring factor. So.........if you have a range of kit, I reckon it is pretty much a full body and cardio work out!

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    For me it's the calfs. Especially painfully when the cramps are setting in.

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