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    Wednesday, April 25th 2018

    That was a cracking session but it didn't start well for me.

    It was windy all day but I waited for an afternoon session with the tide on the push.
    Arriving at our west Hove beach just after 2pm it looked like others had made the same decision, the car park was filling and there were two friends already on the water on small sails.

    The wind was strong and I rigged my 4.4 matched with a small board, the Nuevo 73. The rig already felt too big on the beach by the time I had got my wetsuit on.

    It was bang on low tide when I headed out and instead of being overpowered I wondered if I had rigged the sail badly. It was soon evident that the board was too small but I was planing OK. I sailed further out to sea than normal before turning around – looking for a wave – but then the wind died.

    Looking inland I could see that a massive black cloud had just gone past and that had caused a wind drop. The wind had swung more west and in gusts I could still water start but in the holes there was nothing, so the small board kept sinking beneath my feet. I knew the wind would come back but it was too cold to hang around in the water so I had to swim ashore with my kit – first swim of the year.
    Of course I soon got back to the beach and the wind did return.

    But I changed up to a floatier board, just in case the same thing happened again.

    Then the 4.4 was fine for a while but the wind increased some more and I changed down to a 4.0 which was so much better. On the first run out however, I wondered if a 3.7 might have been better – so it was pretty windy.

    In the end, the 4.0 was a good average in the occasionally-holey wind. Others were on 4, or 4.5 or 4.7s.

    And the sun shone for most of the afternoon, with further rain clouds tracking past inland. There were no proper waves at first and the water state at low water was a bit messy. But after 4pm some waves built with the rising tide and despite a short wave period, some sets opened up for good rides.

    I stuck it out until about 5.30 but my arms were so tired by then – not helped by that early swim.

    We had a good crowd this afternoon and it was good to see so many locals and visitors with smiles on their faces.
    Some carried on until about 6.30 but the wind did drop again for a while at that point.

    I see it's windy again this evening, and I'm also hopeful of another session tomorrow.

    This report is late being written, as I fell asleep on the sofa as soon as I got home this evening.

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    Now back in the UK.

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    Never will no doubt get better with practise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerb View Post
    Never will no doubt get better with practise.

    I doubt it.
    Note post #12 in this week's weather thread – written only this morning.

    "If you see a big rain cloud heading your way......" etc.
    Now back in the UK.

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    S Wales turned it on too. 5.3 then blown off the water. Good waves on the reef despite the lack of ground swell. a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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    South Wales for me too. First sail since February. Interesting launch through the boulder field, but good fun once out. On my 5.3 and wave board.

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    3.30 'till 7. Decent sesh at Milford on the 5 batten (for once) 4.7 with 95lt Tri-Fin Convert (somehow still working). Mostly Sunny with the clouds staying over the Forest. Only shower was just before going out. Maybe should've gone with the 82lt - easier to get those full rotations but more difficult to get planning. Pretty onshore in the SW'ly with just enough angle to go out on *board tack, hit the waist to shoulder high ramps & come back in for 2 or 3 hits. 1 one other guy out + 2 Danglers.

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    First sail for 6 months! Hove on 4.3 was fun for an hour before the shower killed it. Nice to be out in the sunshine with some dramatic skies and a small swell to play with. Also nice to know I can still do it!

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