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    Thursday 26th April 2018

    4.7 and Tri-wave 89 at Camber 2-4pm. 14 degrees, small waves and brilliant sunshine: good session.
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    I did two hours at Hove, this time going relatively early to get the tide on the drop.

    I rigged the 4.4 again and was stacked on that but this time I was on the right board – the Reactor 82, stubby fish.

    That board is so fast loose that it made up for some fairly crap wave conditions. As black clouds came over I was stacked for a while and the Reactor was going as fast as I have ever been on a wave board – like it had an extra gear.

    I packed up at low water and went and did some work. I then returned for a second session at 5.30 – for the tide on the push – but the waves hadn't improved so I didn't bother.

    It must have been two degrees colder today than yesterday, even in the sunshine, Brrrrrr.
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    Now back in the UK.

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    Hayling again from 11.30 although I probably should have gone to Bracklesham as It was a lot more westerly than Wednesday. A bit less wind with a more pleasant sea state at the higher tide. Rigged my 4.5 Taka 2 and alternated between my 100L exite ride and 66L Moo as the wind went up and down withe the showers. Eventually at about 2pm I could see that a lot of rain and cloud was about to kill the wind for quite a while so called it a day. The wind was pretty cold although the water has warmed up nicely.

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    A couple of us out at Felpham on 5.5's and 90-ish litre boards. Loads of fun. After sailing two days in a row (and probably only been out once or twice before this year) I ache all over. In a good way

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    Cross Canonby, Cumbria. Carve 101 + 4.5m & 5.2m.

    Could have been a better day.
    This is a windy location when it’s S or W but strength always a bit up and down.
    Today I got sail choices completely wrong against the up/down cycling so was either overpowered or slogging.
    Changing sails here is always a bit of a hike but today a lot of the sand was gone meaning much of the hike was now over foot pain rocks.
    In the end just sailed overpowered on my 5.2 but the sea was basket of egg scruffy so lots of fin aeration bouncing over the chop where I couldn’t fully sheet in to trim or unweight the board.
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