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    Quote Originally Posted by spammy View Post
    My NCX 6.5 sets and rotates beautifully on my CC RDM. Handles fanatically too.

    The Turbo GT 7.0 with RDM cambers is on order. Should be here next week. Hope it sets like the NCX....
    What's your weight Spammy and what wind are both sails likely to be used in ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphie View Post
    What's your weight Spammy and what wind are both sails likely to be used in ?
    I'm under 71Kg atm aiming for <70Kg.

    So, here's how I rig my sails:
    • Light conditions, in anything 5kts to 15 kts - My Big Ezzy (as I call it) 7.5 Legacy. You know, when you get there and the wind is only a puff but the forecast promised more....Hope it improves feeling but I get out there and have a session.
    • NEW Turbo GT 7.0 in 12 - 20 kts
    • NCX 6.5 - If the wind is good. 17 - 25kts (I know that it sounds a lot but I have used and enjoyed this sail in those conditions)**
    • Blades 5.7 and lower when conditions are messy.

    **p.s I think the secret is longer harness lines, good kit (especially the sail) and a bit of skill?.....
    I still recall with trepidation my early days on that Goya Nexus 6.4 2012 era. A sail cut to instil fear and make you look for the slightest gust coming your way. Miss one and picture rag doll getting flung over the handle bars.... Hmmm, Those were the days in the cold and gusty Lakes...
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