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    Test Severne S1 pro 2018 4.0-4.4 and Blade pro 5.0 2017

    In a couple of week at the end of a very cold whinter I've try in B&J conditions my new sails quiver.
    Tested in Lake Garda from 18 knots to 30 knots, cold water (9C) and flat water or choppy water.
    Board Kode Freewave 86 in mode three fins (11-11- 19 cm) with my S1 pro 4.0-4.4 and mode single fin (26-23 cm) with my Blade pro 5.0. Mast Severne Blu 370-400. My weight now is about 75 kg .

    The firse week of the season (middle april) in Lake Garda was very windy (25-30kn) the water was very very cold (9 C) but fortunatly warm air 15 C e ton of snow on muntains.
    I've try for the first time S1 pro 4.0 I can say that is so soft really soft feeling very easy to trim, fast, super light in the hands, and very stable also under strong wind gust. Stability, range of use, light and soft feeling, easy to trim perfectly also the first time that you will use it, soft feeling, neutral during jibe and jump air time. I love it. Wide range of use, when the wind dropped slightly and more, you can find a different set up to improve performance in a more wide range of use, with a super get up and go also when the wind si more suitable for a 4.4-4.7 sail.

    The same about my 4.4 S1 pro that we have already speak about it in this forum previously.
    Here below a couple of memory video in Lake Garda with S1 pro 4.0-4.4 2018

    Blade pro 5.0
    Well that said finally I've try my new Blade Pro 5.0 2017 mast 400 Severne blu wind from 16-25 knots falt water. Super powerfull sail, impressive stability, light in the hands, top and speed, ultra mega range of use try it guys is an advanced technology product this is the right definition.
    Early planning in no wind zone is impressive, light and power in the hands at the same time, the pull in back hand is always perfect, in strong wind the same, with a so wide range of use obviously you need a little more time to find the perfect trim, compared to S1 pro, don't be afraid about down all, pull it a lot in strong wind, example I and my friend with our 5.0 Blade, we use in 4.2-4.7 conditions, downall at 15-16 cm (severne base exstention) instead of the 13 cm indicated ont the sail. We use Blade 5.0 with 13-14 cm in low range of use (low wind). One of my friend have bought Blade pro 4.2 an 5.0 his level is good in waveriding (weight about 80kg) and is ok, no more than two sails in his car super! He can cover Mauritius conditions, Italy conditions (on shore) and often Carro' conditions with only two sails...
    Comperaded to a traditional power sail, Blade pro is soft, light, more maneuverable, there is a big differenge with a traditional sail.

    Comparison between the two sail? Oh both are advanced technology products unconventional product try it, is something of totally new in our sport. You can buy at medium weight 75-78 kg only two S1 pro example 4.0-4.8 yes one of my friend do it and is ok but he will buy probably also a 5.3 Blade pro for Lake Garda.
    I prefer S1 pro or Blade pro? ahah big question, personally I prefer a little bit S1 pro for one reason maneuverability, in particular during bottom turn, S1 pro allow to go vertical from side off to total on shore condition in the poket of the wave, the vertical propension stoked me. Two of my friend prefer a little bit Blade pro. Other two changed from Bladepro to S1 pro. It depends on your tastes. My quiver is 3.6-4.0-4.4 S1 pro and 5.0 Blade pro.
    Below some video on Blade pro 5.0 in low wind condition 16-18 knots at my weight 75 kg and 86 L..

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    Marvel sails!
    Delighted that you are loving them,
    if only more windsurfers could experience them...

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    We've had a few threads on these sails before – do a search – but I won't disagree with much of what is written here.

    As it happens I own several of the sails mentioned although not the 2018 versions.

    I can add a few comments though.

    1) The pro Severne sails are physically very light – as light as you'll find – but the standard Severne Blades feel lighter in the hands because they are cut slightly flatter, to go more neutral. The lighter feel is down to power delivery, and Standard Blades have fantastic top end.

    2) The Blade Pros are Koster's signature sails and are cut to be powerful for onshore wave riding. That also makes them good flat water blasting sails. They still have a good top end if set up well.

    3) The S1 Pros are also powerful for their sizes but are lighter (physically) due to them having one batten less. They also handle differently, due to them being 4 batten, and I'd say they are better waveriding sails – but this will be about personal preference. Some people don't like the S1s and much prefer the Blades, and vice versa.

    4) These Pro sails are powerful and that means they have very good 'bottom end' to get you planing early. Having a lighter rig also helps you get going sooner as the board floats higher and you can pump a light rig more easily without getting tired.

    5) You get standard settings printed on the sail that tell you boom length and extension lengths but watch out that this is just a guide and refers to Severne gear. If you use a non-Severne mast it may be fractionally longer or shorter (perhaps with a different head bung), and most mast extensions set to different lengths if you measure them side by side. You might think a mast extension measurement should be taken from the top of the extension collar to the base of the extension, but in fact where you can downhaul to is determined by the pulley height, as set in the extension base (and that varies between some brand extensions).

    6) If overpowered on a Severne sail the recommendation is to increase outhaul but not downhaul. In fact I increase or decrease downhaul to get the most range out of my sails, adjusting the boom length at the same time.

    7) The 5.0 Pro Blade I have, 2016, had/has a recommended extension of 12cms, and I see that same sail now has a recommended extension of 13cms. Don't be afraid to experiment with settings as sometimes just half a cm of extra downhaul can stabilise an overpowered sail.

    8) The outhaul settings for these Severns can be set almost neutral for maximum power but I like a bit of positive outhaul myself. If the centre of effort is moving in gusts then you can solve that by adding more positive outhaul to stabilise the lower panels. If however the sail feels top heavy that's because you need more downhaul.

    9) In a 3 sail wave quiver, you could go from a 5.0 Blade Pro down to an S1 4.4 then a 4.0 but I wouldn't like just a 4.8 S1 and 4.0 S1 because that misses out on my favourite sail size – which is a 4.4 or 4.5.

    10) The 5.3 Blade Pro has the pull of another brand's 5.5 or even 5.7. I find I have to use an extra extension notch to get good top end out of my 5.3. But when overpowered it's also nicer to change down to a 5.0 or a 4.8 because those sizes sit more comfortably on the short wave boards I have.

    11) The boom cutaways on Severne wave sails are very high for waveriding settings if, like me, you like a low boom. I understand they have been lowered a bit this year.
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    Blade pro 5.0 in strong wind secret spot Lake Garda, early morning, board Kode freewave 86L.

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