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    Quote Originally Posted by tooold2dance View Post
    All generalizations.
    How are ramblers who walk slow,hikers who walk long and drone operators who move their fingers qualify as sport participants ?
    Try walking 10-20 miles and ascending 3000-5000feet and you might find the answer on hikers. I assume ramblers, ramble to the exen of their physcalabilities, and good on them. Drone-flyers hang aroun sporting venues, not a strong contender for participant though.
    Maybe I shoudl not have said "sports" more like "outdoor" activities
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    Might want to lay off the drone flyers - their skill might save our neck sometime soon.

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    Some truth there no doubt, but very dependent on the circumstances -are you one of the tribe? Look like a roadie tribe and give a 'tow' for 5 miles, then you can expect a better greeting than going the other way on an electric bike with shopping basket.

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    Agree, all suppers are arses
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeroensurf View Post
    Agree, all suppers are arses
    The dolphins know it.

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    I guess its no surprise that the sport or activity someone choses to engage in, is likely to reflect their personality. There may also be a link between the demeanour of a participant and the degree of satisfaction the activity provides. The willingness of a person to acknowledge let alone engage with someone else they meet also seems to vary depending on where in the country they live!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maker View Post
    No, no, no. It' not when conflict arises, just a genral obervation of types of people seem to gravitate to certain sports, or adopt persona when they get there.
    Say "Hi" to a mountain biker doesn't matter if I am hiking or biking myself I get a friendly wave or stop for a chat. Say "Hi" to a road biker and the only ackowledgement get is a scowl even when i am riding myslef.
    Well, thinking that a group identified by a recreational sport is more or less friendly than another is assigning them, fairly innocuously, to a tribe ... but besides that: people are involved in dozen of other activities other than playing a particular sport. Why would a sport define their character?
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