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    UK Windsurfing weather W/C 30th April

    Looking good for a sail this afternoon down at Worthing on the drop. Just about planing conditions now and should hopefully increase by a few knots. This link is useful:

    The aviation forecasts are pretty accurate and the airport is showing 17kts at the moment.

    Off to Cornwall tomorrow for a week. Probably not much windsurfing, but looking like nice waves every day.

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    I put a forecast on Facebook which I won't repeat here.

    But suffice to say that we do have wind today and some welcome sunshine. However it won't get that windy in the Southeast and I note the air temperature is still not much more than the sea temperature, so some of the 'local effects' aren't really working.

    If the Met Office are right then we get 20mph+ but not much more. The other thing to say is that the gradient wind backs more SSW this evening, and that is another reason why it won't be that windy for afterwork sailing. In short, take what you see, because it may not get any better.
    It's also annoying for many beaches that high water is timed for 1.15pm in the Southeast, as that leaves a very short sailing window before the wind eases.

    The cloud also increases this evening ahead of tomorrow's weather. Wednesday sees another wet morning as a warm front and then a cold front track across the south. There should be strong wind for dawn patrol or morning sailing but the southerly wind then veers west or WNW and eases a lot as the cold front passes each area. Not much wind for the afternoon then.

    For the end of the week, the temperature rises but high pressure also moves in from the Southwest, killing off the chance of any strong wind. That high also sets up a NE wind by the weekend.
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    Now back in the UK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    I put a forecast on Facebook which I won't repeat here.
    Could you enlighten as to where on facebook? ..... i've always found your forecasts useful so will attempt to read them wherever they are now ending up. So would you be so kind as to let us know where to look!

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    Well thanks, but there's the short answer to that, and then the longer one.

    The short answer is I have today put a forecast on the southwest pavilion group facebook page – which is connected to Hove Lagoon. I normally send a similar forecast to the Surfladle shop which, the way their commercial Facebook page works, means they have to repost it. And they are keen to do that, but I haven't sent a forecast today because the shop is closed.
    There are other forecasts I send to photographer pages, but they aren't focussing on wind.

    The longer answer is that it's difficult to know where to put a forecast nowadays because on local/area pages you need to re-write the detail to suit the people on that Facebook page. You can spend your whole day doing that for small groups of people, and, actually, I have a life to lead.

    I used to always try and cover the whole country in forecasts on here but it takes a lot of work, and then for some reason the admin stopped the simple function of allowing me to paste an existing forecast I wrote on here, which I would then rewrite for this audience. So I have to type the whole thing again, and then the Boards Forum readership is very low nowadays anyway, seemingly with few people who actually windsurf. What we have lost – because of Facebook – is our one stop Windsurfing message board.

    I've also done this forecast thread, week in week out, for more than ten years, and for the most part I've only got flak and abuse for it. So now it's time for someone else to step up and start regular weather threads on here. But people generally don't or won't.
    Now back in the UK.

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    On topic, the wind here in Hove seems to have settled at about 22mph for the mid afternoon period.

    The tide is still high but now dropping fast, and it's looking like a blasting or slalom/freestyle day, rather than one for wave boards.
    I might have to rig my 5.3.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Well I didn't bother here. It was and is sailable here in Hove but you need big kit this afternoon, with the lunchtime 23mph easing back to be more like 20mph now.
    Even the kites weren't bothering.

    Camber Sands has a bit more but it's not exactly honking there either.

    If you don't mind a bit of rain then they have wind in North Wales today, with 30mph+ logging on the Valley site.
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    I usually look at the MET Office, Windfinder, Big Salty, BBC Tide Table, and then , tide level live readings, MET Office observations to see if the weather is doing what is predicted before finally decide where and when to go.

    Seems today the weak front on the synoptic chart (marked ?) was running about 3 hours behind schedule, maybe it had to get a bus replacement service. After I finished just before 3pm the wind dropped and veered with a hail/rain shower. I thought it would have passed by Poole a lot earlier so didnt check for it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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