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    Tomorrow's front looks a bit easier to spot and follow!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes, and that front also brings quite a bit of rain.

    I'm just wondering if I can face a long-shore blast in southerly wind at 8 or 9am tomorrow before the tide gets too high here. But in truth it looks a bit cold and wet to me, and therefore not worth bothering with.

    The main front also clears here by noon or lunchtime, quickly killing the wind, and your best bet for prolonged wind on Wednesday is to head to the far southeast corner, as they hang on to this southerly wind longest, maybe until 4pm or a bit later.

    On the plus side, it's a gorgeous finish to the day here in Sussex and, though not warm, it is starting to feel like summer, especially with these longer evenings. Give me some warmer temperatures and I'll be happy.
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    Hope that there will be enough wind after the rain here. the forecasts have uped a notch.

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    11.30am, Wednesday.

    It's honking here but bolt onshore, as forecast.
    It's also raining hard and very cold.

    I guess, with hindsight, Pagham might be a good bet right now. But the rain and windchill factor will be putting most people off anyway.
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    Id guess that in less than an hour there will be NW 12 knots at Pagham.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes, it's weird how the passing of the front – and subsequent wind drop – often coincides with high water. High water at Pagham is at 13.34hrs today.

    My mentioning Pagham was really out of 'weather thread guilt' because I should have mentioned there as a possible windsurf option for today. Judging by the lack of activity on my phone this morning, many are put off by the rain and cold anyway. In the old days I would have driven over there, but I keep wimping out nowadays. Hope somebody is scoring it.

    Here in Hove the surfers are happy for the wind drop and a swing to WNW as there is a bit of a wave here now. So surfing could be the other option for the afternoon, once the tide starts to fall. It's probably warmer in the water than out.

    I can't remember when the start of May was this cold.
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    Still very windy on Chimet, but that site is also showing the wind beginning to veer more SW.
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