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Thread: Tues 1st May

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    Tues 1st May

    Worthing 2.45-4.30pm

    5.2 and 90l freestyle board for me, and Diana on a 4.5 and a variety of boards. Started off well powered, then it dropped back a bit, though still enough for some slidey freestyle until the end.

    Shame the wind didn't last as it got flatter, but the sea was turquoise in the sun and it felt and looked like summer, despite the winter wetsuits.

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    Branksome Dene Chine 1:30-3:00pm. The other 2 were on 5.3m so rigged 5.2m/90l. Just as I was launching 1 came back in to change down to 4.7m as the wind had picked up. I launched anyway, expecting to be changing as well but that was the point where the wind strength peaked and then fell back a bit so I was ok. Good for 45 minutes but then gustier for the next 45 minutes. No waves just wind chop. Headed out for 1 last run and got too close to a bouy marking a lobster pot on a very long rope and catapulted.
    Just managed to derig, changed and in the van before hail/rain shower hit.

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    Cross Canonby at HW. Cross shore wind.
    Rigged my smallest gear (4.5m sail) but still horribly overpowered so just one out & back. Struggled to control the rig to waterstart to get back in then had downwind walk of shame.
    On the car park the gusts were picking clouds of sand off the beach. You just had to shut your eyes and wait for the sand blasting to pass. Never seen anything like it. 16tonnes of sand washed off my kit back home.
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    Sunny, light and super choppy last night (total opposite to this morning!)

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