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    Try buying the 3 year old peppercorn value kit. It'll change the equation dramatically.

    I used to buy new kit when I sailed more - its not bad value if you sail a reasonable amount and hang onto it for a few years. Now I'm sailing less it makes no sense - I've recently bought 2 2nd hand boards < 2 years old for about a 3rd of new price. I'll hang onto them for at least 4 years. I suspect they will depreciate on average about 100 per year over that time and I'll use them about 10 times per year each (maybe more if I am lucky with the weather!). That's only 10 per session each time I use one of them. Even if I'm wrong about depreciation and amount of use I'd be very surprised if they work out more than 15 per session over the time I keep them. These are modern, high quality boards. I don't think that is particularly expensive...

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    That’d be fine, but I’m quite specific about what kit I’d want to use inland.
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    3x 2nd hand boards = 2k
    6x 2nd hand sails = 1k
    Assorted masts, booms etc =500
    Boards are nearly 5 years old and sails now 10 years old.
    Only about 12 sessions a year these days so I guess so far it's approx 30-50 per session.
    Not including petrol and vehicle to get there.
    But at least I've got the gear for any opportunity, which I could never afford to have when I was young and free enough to go twice as much.
    And it still makes me feel alive every time. Which is priceless.
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    3 x 2nd hand boards = 1500
    5 x 2nd hand sails = 1000
    masts = 300
    booms = 700
    wetsuits = 600
    harness = 100
    bag of bits = 500
    = ~4.7K outlay
    + 350 annual local pond club (10 mins away from home)

    Kit pretty much stable for the last 4 years?
    Approx. ave. 30 sessions/year over the last 4 years?

    = 4700 + 1400 / (120 sessions)
    = ~50 /session (excluding all coastal trips expenses - 200 mile round trip)

    So despite my normal justification this does actually work out more than my other half will spend in haircuts over the same time frame

    Then again I do come home with a much bigger smile than she possibly will making it much better value for money in every way.

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