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    Strava - recent update?

    Has anyone else noticed Strava now offers multiple activities not just running and cycling?

    This includes windsurfing! (Yay- it cant be dead...)

    Has it always done this, or is this a recent update??!
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    Its done it for a while. Nokia smartwatch also offers windsurfing as one of its options.

    Having seen 20-30 people out at Avon on a windy, wavy midweek day last autumn - and c.100 kids windsurfing at Portland on Technos for the RYA Zone Squad Easter Camp (c. half girls), I no longer worry quite so much about windsurfing being dead!

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    I’ve only just switched strava back on... one of the reasons I stopped using it was because it only seemed to be useful for cycling. Good to see it’s got better!
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