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Thread: Fleabay tat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Millen View Post
    Hah hah, I'd have thought the Canadians would have known it somehow but maybe it is more a purely British expression

    It essentially means junk, often as in this context junk that somebody's trying to make a bit of money from. Usually either very old second hand stuff or very cheap & shoddy new, like typical tourist "memorabilia".

    Example usage - "I can't believe she paid that much for a bunch of old tat..."
    Thanks . As a yank we tend to use junk or POS for that category

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    Maybe we need a version of the term 4KSB that sailing anarchy use, (4 knot s**t box).

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    All my gear is fleabay tat! This year's quiver-
    F2 Sputnik 285
    Fanatic Shark (roughly a '96 model)
    Mistral Screamer 2
    Mistral Echo- still sussing this one out as bought with 3 masts, 3 sails and 2 booms for fifty quid but seems nice!
    Oh and Fanatic Mega Jag stuffed in the board rack too
    Not sure this counts as the genuine 'tat' though as if you look hard enough on well-known auction sites you could get a Vinta Twist 370 or a Tencate (with 'pole'). My favourites are usually listed as a 'windsurfing set' (bit like a tennis set or croquet set).

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